Friday, 19 January 2018

Sharing Your Culture – How to Activate Your Employee Advocates

Employee advocacy is no longer a new concept to the business world. It is used by social media savvy companies to get the message to the right audience through employee advocates. In your advocacy marketing campaign, your employees are your best assets.
It’s well documented that employee advocates can reach 10 times more audience that your brand’s audience. Besides, they can increase your brand engagement on social media eightfold. So, how can an employer use employee advocates to reach quality recruits?
Why Do You Need to Activate Your Employee Advocates?
Employee advocacy is hinged on the fact that 92% of people trust content or opinion of their peers (employees, friends, family or colleagues) more than if a brand shared the same content. By encouraging employees to become social media brand advocates, you will be able to engage and share your compelling internal culture with potential candidates.
In other words, social media advocacy enables your employees to help evangelize your brand and culture while improving their own personal and professional development. In a way, employee advocates can do wonders for your social media recruitment campaigns.
How to Activate Your Employee Advocates?
Generate Winning Content
Social media advocacy isn’t going to be impactful if you do not have a compelling content. You will have to come up with something that resonates with your target talents. Things like the resume, interview, and career tips should come top of your mind. With such content, employee advocates will have no problem wowing their social media connections.
Encourage Sharing of Workplace Culture
Employee advocates should be able to tell the behind-the-scenes story of their workplace. What they share should highlight how fun, engaging, and fruitful is like to work in your company. It’ll make your social media recruitment effortlessly easy.
Encourage Audience Segmentation
With audience segmentation and social media advocacy, you will be able to provide tailored content to your target audience. The more your employee advocates shares, the more trust, and credibility they will build with potential recruits.
That’s right; with an augmented reach, employee advocates will share content that will seem more “valuable” and “trustworthy.” It is through this increased reach that social advocacy can generate more social clicks and more engagements. Besides, sharing your culture on social media paints your company in a good light.
The bottom line is that social media advocacy and employee advocates help your brand build trust and rapport with present and potential recruits.

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